Moving back home.

It’s the end of a chapter, in my life for sure. I graduated and decided to leave Taiwan. For good. Well, at least for the foreseeable future. These two years really made me realize, that I am drawn to my roots, drawn to Europe after all. And it also helped me accept that there is … More Moving back home.

Graduating Soon?!

It didn’t always feel so fast during the process, but now it feels like these two years have passed by so fast! It’s almost like I arrived to NCCU yesterday, while in reality, my graduation ceremony is now only about two weeks away. Isn’t that crazy? And even though we still have a little time … More Graduating Soon?!

Taipei 101 Run Up

I have a sport-loving group of friends here in Taipei, and a bunch of them sign up and complete the Taipei 101 Run Up every year. They asked me if I was interested last year and I thought: oh God no, I don’t wanna torture myself! Then somehow I had the realization at the beginning … More Taipei 101 Run Up