Creative Blogger Awards!

First of all thank you for the lovely Cassie from superfitbabe for nominating me! I’ve been really enjoying reading her blog ever since I found it and I am so happy to know she likes to read my posts too!

~ Rules ~

# Nominate other blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
# Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you
# Share five facts about yourself to your readers
# Pass these rules on to them

Okay guys so here are my five randome facts:

1. Ever since I started walking, I’ve been walking on my peeptoes. That caused me a shortened Achilles but also great and muscular calves that guys always envy haha! When they ask me what I do to make my calves look like that I always tell them: try walking on peeptoes for 20 years and you’ll get there!

With my dad when I was 6 and on peeptoes!
With my dad when I was 6 and on peeptoes!

2. Funny how in her post Cassie mentioned she hates vanilla flavoured protein – I am the opposide, I haaate chocolate! I think that is the one that has an after-taste an no matter how many brands I try they still taste.. fake. So I’m all about vanilla and fruity flavours now! Though I recently tried a coconut-chocolate flavoured one and it tasted so much as coconut that it was almost okay, haha

3. I can best communicate using a mixture of languages. I can speak four languages well, and I know a few words in Arabic, and I find expressions in all of them that are just expressive I like to mix them even with other languages. Disadvantage is that the other person has to speak the other languages too. That’s why our communication is so awesome with my boyfriend: the base is an English-Chinese mixture with some Hungarian and Arabic words/sentences dropped in. Pretty international, huh?

P10501554. I didn’t even like the taste of coffee before I started university – then I got completely addicted. I am a true coffee lover who can really appreciate good coffee and likes to drink it black (sometimes), but that wasn’t always like that. It all started with university and classes on Monday from 8am until 6 pm – I just needed something to stay awake. I started with little coffee and lots of milk and in a year I grew to adore it – even black, unsweetened coffee. However, I’m a bit sensitive to caffeine so I can’t drink a second cup of coffee too soon, otherwise I will get a bit dizzy, feel weak with my hands shaking.. That’s also why I don’t dare to try stronger preworkouts – those bastards can have caffein equal to four cups of coffee!

A cup of tea and a good book = happiness
A cup of tea and a good book = happiness

5. I’m a total bookworm! I am the kind of girl who always has a book with her. Well, nowadays it’s usually my Amazon Kindle that I absolutely adore. Sometimes I start missing the feeling of a real book so I lend one from the library to get the satisfaction of holding a real book. In high school I was a huge Harry Potter fan, I read all the 7 books at least three times! But I also love historical novels and biographies. I am currently reading Hard Choices by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

And of course my nominees!

  • saranicolefitness – if you’re into fitness, and you’re looking for great tips, motivation and recipes you’ll love her blog just as much as I do! I have huge respect for this girl – being a great mom and yet not giving up on a healthy lifestyle, she is really amazing!
  • Fitness on Toast – Faya has one of the the most inspiring fitness blogs topped with gorgeous pictures. I love scrolling through the pictures and watch the videos, afterwards I always feel so motivated to get active! So if you’re looking for motivation, definitely check her blog out!
  • Sweet Tea Sweetie – yummy recipes accompanied by amazing food photography, pictures tell a thousand words, so just go and check out what I’m talkign about!
  • Positively Panicked – another fit mom I look up to. With her baby girl Luna, Hilarie is sharing moments of their life, along with some workout tips for moms! I still have years to get there, but one day I want to be a mom like her!
  • The Life of a Fitness Finatic – a new blog that Samantha started writing at the beginning of April about her fitness journey. She has already gone through an amazing transformation and even though she is super busy as a nursing student she keeps going! Love reading the posts of this strong girl 🙂

So this was my Creative Blogger Award post. Guys, be sure to check out these great blogs, I’ll be back soon with a new post! xx

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